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Where life wants us to take…

Life shows u many ways to live, to understand, to think, to show, to see who you actually are!

Most of us have wondered at one point or another what the point of it all is. Why are we here? What’s life really about? In short, what is the purpose of life?

Are we not blessed

We don’t even realize how lucky 🍀 we are! How lucky we are that we are living and we can do whatever we worth it. We wake up every day, we see the glimpse of the sun, the darkness of the night, the brightness of daylight how beautiful the life is we don’t even realize that! Does not a single person assumes that what life actually wants from us? AREN’T we living a purposeless life without any aim, goal. Why we actually see the light after the darkness of the night

According to the research


It’s so easy to say the word life. If we ask someone what is life the possible answers will life is life, the way of living, and vice versa. It’s so easy to say that everyone has a different life but nobody feels it. Nobody can understand it. Like everything has a fact to be born similarly life’s biggest fact is that IT IS TEMPORARY. Nobody can make it permanent ♾. Many people live this life as it is permanent. Nobody gonna take it back. But it’s not true. WE BORN, WE LIVE AND WE DIE AND WILL REBORN.

Chris Guillebeau

Nobody thinks that we have one life and many things to do. Maybe we are born to do something very special and maybe we are wasting our minds on useless stuff. So according to this whoever is doing this is destroying themselves.

–Steve Pavlina

The purpose of life is to explore and experience


Like a mirror has two faces. One is dark and one is light similarly life gives two faces to every person. The person who is living life must have a dark side and a bright sight.
So it’s now up to us…how we want to live. On which path we want to walk?? Are we enjoying our life they way it designed for us?

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By Natasha

i don't believe in luck. I believe in miracles

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