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12 Laws of Karma

What goes around , comes back around

Karma said……

1. Don’t waste your time on revenge. The people who hurt you will eventually face their own karma

2. Only you are in charge of your happiness

3. The only person you should try to beat is the person you were yesterday

4. Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think, you understand but you don’t

5. Sometimes you have to suffer in life. Not because you were bad. But because you didn’t realize where to stop being good

6. Waiting is the sign of true love and happiness

7. Someday someone will break you so badly, that you will become unbreakable.

8. No posion can kill a positive thinker, and no medicine can save a negative thinker.

9. Pleasure and pain comes from ypur own past actions. So it is easy to define karma in one sentence. “Act well, and things will go well;act wrongly, and things will go wrong.”

10. If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.

11. Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment, Fully alive, fully aware.

12. Never waste a good day by thinking about a bad day.

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The 5 Second Rule

Like me, we all want some tools to make decisions faster. I also needed a push in order to get stick to my goals and not to get depression in this quarantine .

I know this pandemic stuck us all to our homes and now it becomes difficult for us to stay all the time at home far from our daily routines. Well some of us might start doing some work from home. But who hasn’t started yet they might need some push……

I started 5 Second Rule by  Mel Robbins. She  is an American television host, author, and motivational speaker

5 Seconds Rule is so simple. It pushes me to start my work with no excuses. You should try this Rule too. It Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence in such a way that you will be shocked by the results🙂.

What is 5 Second Rule?

If you have the instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it. The moment you feel an instinct or a desire to act on a goal or a commitment, use the Rule. … If you do not take action on your instinct to change, you will stay stagnant. It gives you courage every day to start your work.

Here is the link of Ted Talk , you can check out…

The idea is that we must make a decision in the first 5 seconds before our head gets too involved and the moment passes.

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5 Habits Of Mentally Strong People

Hey, Today I am going to share some of the habits that I personally started, and believe me, it’s the outcome is so awesome. We all are well aware of Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Bill Gates. They all have an amazing mentality to handle things which lead them to success. We normally think that mentally tough folks as larger-than character-life-like endurance athletes, war heroes, and rages to a rich billionaire. Well, when I study I came to know that the secret behind such extreme examples of superhuman self-control is mental toughness.

Indeed,it’s the stuff of great parenting, great teaching and great leadership.Moreover becoming more mentally tough is a personal necessity if you hope to achieve your own goals or lead others in achieving theirs.

Here are 5 habits, based on science

Deal with your own weakness and don’t judge others.

Mentally strong people understand the over whelming power of the thoughts.

For example, how fillings one’s head with criticism of others waste mental space better spent strengthning and improving one’s self

Researchers found that

Judging and criticizing others establishes and increases what’s known as “bias blind spot”

And in the typical motivating example, we believe others should think as we do. We discount they’re disagreeing with as stemming from their own biases. Yet, in building mental strength, the habit we want cultivate involves catching ourselves before passing judgment. We want to avoid even the slightest criticism of others in an effect to gain mental freedom and clarity of perception.

Indeed, real mental warrior even goes the extra step of turning their own criticisms on themselves.

Don’t trust your own thinking.

The powerful trait one builds up over time is by refusing to trust ones own thinking.In other words, humble person or in other words intellectual human is aware.She knows that not only might their be other valid points of view, she accept hers might be invalid

Moreover, the humble person is willing to be proven wrong without falling apart emotionally. She is an emotional warrior.Yet, to be clear, it doesn’t means that she lack her own confidence or belief. It mean she refrains from coming to conclusions on the basis of speculative assumptions and emotions.

Don’t pity yourself

Mentally strong recognize that self-pity is a Siren that can lure you watery and psychological death. For every excuse you create a mental ‘roommate’ who constantly nags at you whenever you face the slightest difficulty.The excuses can be like that you camtbwork any harder.

Be contrast,mentally strong people rid themselves of this enemy early on.

Show pity towards others

At the same time although mental strength requires showing little pity for ourselves, showing pity for others is incredibly powerful.

Researches from Barkeley have shown that

Mankind’s development is more on the other of survival of the kindest

In other words, empathy and sympathy are more necessary for human survival

Understand fear and how to control it

One of the most important characteristics of a mentally strong people is her ability to dal with uncertain surprices-particularly with bad ones

For example, we naturally tend to greet the unknown with a very of loss .This tendency biases our thinking and impairs our actions and abilities to intelligent take risks.

Yet, mentally strong people actively resists this tendency. They Self-distance by stepping away from a situation.

Responding quickly but haphazardly to a crises is typically more dangerous than a delayed, but more thoughtful responds.I think that’s the best for position of leadership and this make the people more successful professionally.

Hence, the “fearless leader” might be redundant phrase, at least insofar as mentally strong leaders go.

Hopefully, practicing the above 5 gives you a better start.🙂

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Where life wants us to take…

Life shows u many ways to live, to understand, to think, to show, to see who you actually are!

Most of us have wondered at one point or another what the point of it all is. Why are we here? What’s life really about? In short, what is the purpose of life?

Are we not blessed

We don’t even realize how lucky 🍀 we are! How lucky we are that we are living and we can do whatever we worth it. We wake up every day, we see the glimpse of the sun, the darkness of the night, the brightness of daylight how beautiful the life is we don’t even realize that! Does not a single person assumes that what life actually wants from us? AREN’T we living a purposeless life without any aim, goal. Why we actually see the light after the darkness of the night

According to the research


It’s so easy to say the word life. If we ask someone what is life the possible answers will life is life, the way of living, and vice versa. It’s so easy to say that everyone has a different life but nobody feels it. Nobody can understand it. Like everything has a fact to be born similarly life’s biggest fact is that IT IS TEMPORARY. Nobody can make it permanent ♾. Many people live this life as it is permanent. Nobody gonna take it back. But it’s not true. WE BORN, WE LIVE AND WE DIE AND WILL REBORN.

Chris Guillebeau

Nobody thinks that we have one life and many things to do. Maybe we are born to do something very special and maybe we are wasting our minds on useless stuff. So according to this whoever is doing this is destroying themselves.

–Steve Pavlina

The purpose of life is to explore and experience


Like a mirror has two faces. One is dark and one is light similarly life gives two faces to every person. The person who is living life must have a dark side and a bright sight.
So it’s now up to us…how we want to live. On which path we want to walk?? Are we enjoying our life they way it designed for us?

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Planning my day in advance

Plan your day before one night

Planning my day in advance.
I started to stop hitting snooze button even if i sleep late at night.

Like me, we all started to make ourselves busy in this quarantine, doing online business and lots of other stuff too. But I think the biggest issue  we all our facing till now    is getting out of bed in the morning and planning your day in advance

As I came to know that by planning your day in advance helps you to stick to your goals, target 🎯 and dreams. I started this from next morning with some meditation  🧘🏻‍♂️ and exercises .

Planning my  day early morning helps me alot to fulfil my targets of the day. As we all know we all wants to stick to our goals so i think no better thing is than planning your day in advance. Its so fun to do and it gives me courage and confidence to reach my dreams even in this quarantine.

Here is my routine…..

Here is the link go and check it out. Hope you might get some example from this


I know its easier to say then to do but believe me it will work. Even just for a trial do for a week and then you will see how much it works.

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Cozy Evening

I have a really cozy, comfortable room that has a great, huge glass door that views my backyard. I like to look at how people work together when they are put into stressful situations, when life stops being cozy. It’s the best feeling when you wake up and it’s warm and cozy, and you don’t have to go to work.


Place where I live!

When it comes to determining the most livable city in any country, there are a number of factors that we have to consider. Some of these factors include the availability of basic resources, infrastructure in the city, environmental situation, location, and transportation. Based on many different factors, we can safely say that Islamabad is overall the best city to live in Pakistan.

Islamabad, the capital territory of Pakistan

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan with average population of 3.1 million. Is the most beautiful place. Islamabad is noted for its high standard of living, safty and abundant greenery.

Faisal Mosque

The tourist attractive place. Its most beautiful, charming place in Islamabad. Its forth largest mosque in tbhe world. It’s named after the king Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

Bird Eye View of the Mosque

 “The main theme in the design of Shah Faisal mosque is the joy of living”.

There is also a  large fountain raised on a plat form leads to the entrance in the east preceded by a main courtyard. Its an Arabic tend design and the extensions of Margilla Hills

Constructed by turkish architect Dalokay.

Cleanest city in Pakistan

Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument is a national monument and heritage museum located on the western Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan. The monument was constructed to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani people. It is dedicated to the people of Pakistan who sacrificed their “today” for a better “tomorrow”.

Culture dignity- Pakistan Monument


Margalla Hills

Margalla Hills

It is part of the Himalayan foothills located within the Margalla Hills National Park, north of Islamabad, Pakistan. It also provides a natural history background and handy hints for preparation. The walks can be steep, and it’s usually hot and dry so take plenty of water and don’t walk alone.

The leopards of Shumber Waterfall, Margalla hills, Pakistan. Sh

Lake View Park

Way to Lake View Park

Santarous Mall

The beautiful mall in islambad. The Centaurus is a mixed use real estate development in the city of Islamabad

Food lovers

Islamabad has one of the most amazing and globally renounced restaurants and cafes to offer

If you are food lover you will never regret coming to Islamabad

Fashion designer in Islamabad


True Love Is Born From Understanding

In this blog, I am going to share some reality, undeniable, unforgettable quotes about Love 😍

  • What is the difference between ” I like you” and “I love you”. Beautifully answered by Buddha- When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily. One who understands this, understand life.
  • Don’t choose to love most beautiful person in the the world. Choose to love the one who make your world beautiful.
  • Anyone can say they care. But what their Actions, not their words.
  • Relationships never dies by a Natural death… They are mudered by Ego, Attitude & Ignorance
  • When someone leaves, its because someone else is about to arrive

Time decides who you meet in life, Your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life


In the end only 3 things matter

How much you loved,

How gently you lived,

And how gratefully you let go of things not meant for you

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You Cannot Lose By Taking Action, You Can Lose By Not Taking Action.

Life is like a game

Precious Things

Money can buy a house but not a home. Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Money can buy a clock, but not time. Money can buy a book, but not knowledge. Money can buy food, but not an appetite. Money can buy you friends, but not love.